1) With the blessings of Lord Ganesha we found a pleasant site near Shirwal

2) We wanted to create a space with easy circulation equal distribution of open spaces creating a perfect balance between positive and negative spaces.

3) A keen effort taken to keep maximum plots as per Vastu, still maintain the essence of neighborhood planning.

4) The enjoyment of nature is beyond the reach of those who remain inside the four walls of towns and cities, so come and enjoy heavenly sent of elegant flowers, sweet songs of lovely birds and fill your hearts into excitement and bring contented inner peace to your mind.

5) Come to Atharvashree and relish your eyes with panoramic view of twilight where darkness joins with light and dances to perfect harmony.

6) We want to give the experience of star studded sky, refreshing rains, shady trees waving from side to side, fragnant flowers, dancing butterflies enhancing the beauty of our layout.

7) Atharvashree is a Unique attraction of outstanding Natural Beauty and home near the most magnificent horses not to be found anywhere else.

8) Atharvashree provides you with warmth of sun shine, splendor view of white clouds floating above the green canopy, Embrace the feelings within your heart when nature opens its doors to us for peace and tranquility.